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Why Do Twins Only Have One SPG? | #askmark #scuba #question | @Scuba Diver Magazine ​

October 10, 2022 Ross Arnold
Scuba Diver Magazine
Why Do Twins Only Have One SPG? | #askmark #scuba #question | @Scuba Diver Magazine ​
Show Notes

00:00 - Intro
01:28 - Which Drysuit Zipper Lube?
04:27 - Do I Need a SPG with a Transmitter?
06:48 - Why One SPG with Twin Cylinders?
10:00 - 2nd Stage Can’t Exhale
13:24 - Best Sidemount BCDs

#askmark I dive a Bare X-Mission drysuit that has a plastic zipper. So…no wax, wax the end, wax the whole thing? Silicone lube? The internet has all the above suggestions. Do you have a definitive answer?

#askmark. Mark what's the “rule” now?  If you have an AI computer and transmitter can you get rid of your analog spg hose or is it still strongly recommended to keep it?  Technology is pretty reliable now. What do most AI divers do?

Rui Santos 
#AskMark Hi Mark, all Twinset configurations I’ve seen, including yours, only have a single SPG. In my mind I assumed that you would need one SPG for each cylinder to give you a reading of pressure in case you need to shut the valve of the other cylinder? Thank you! Rui

Mateus Nascimento
Hey Mark, I recently bought a Halcyon H-75p Single cylinder package. I used to dive recreationally, I dive once a month. At the first use it work pretty well. In my second dive when I was testing my second stage the air didn’t flow...  I try to push air but it seems that the valve was stuck, I had to blow pretty hard to the valve back to work. Is this normal ? it happen again in my third dive ... Maybe i'm cleaning or storing my regulators incorrectly.  I really don't know, I always dry the cap before the dives and protect the first stage, I always rinse them and let them dry hang. Can you help me?  #askmark #scuba #Q&A | @Scuba Diver Magazine

Diego Carraro
#askmark Hey Mark, I have 2 questions. What is the most streamline, minimalist BC for sidemount now on the market? And What would suggest for a cold water (8°C), Wetsuit or Drysuit, and which model? I usually use 5mm Wetsuit with water's around 22°C.
Thanks a lot.

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